Sleep Home Tests

ManufacturerDescriptionSpecimen UsedNeed to send sample to lab
SleepTest.comOffer a free online Sleep Test. Take the questionnaire and submit for results.N/AYes
CareFusionMonitors and diagnoses obstructive sleep apnea.N/ANo
BodyBalanceMeasures the level of melatonin in your system. Although it plays a role in many other areas of your body, such as cardiovascular function, female reproductive hormones, and as an antioxidant, melatonin's primary contribution is to your body's ability for quality sleep and the regulation of your circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is the 24-hour cycle of sleeping and waking our body experiences based on the patterns of light and dark. Normal melatonin levels are highest during the night, when you're sleeping, because there is less light. Exposure to light decreases melatonin secretion, explaining why you are not as sleepy during the day as you are at night. Without proper melatonin secretion, your circadian rhythm is off-balance, affecting your night's sleep.SalivaYes
AllTrans MedicalThe test can be completed in one night. They will prepare a test and ship it to you. Once you complete the test, you will ship it back for physician review.N/AYes