Stress Assessment Questionnaire

Check to see if your stress level puts you at risk for health problems.

Stress Quiz: How Stressed Are You?Find out if your lifestyle habits could lead to health problems in the future.
Stress-o-meterThis questionnaire will help you get your personal stress profile.
Stress Symptom QuizThis tool helps you determine how stress is impacting your life.
Stress QuizThis quiz helps you find out how well you handle stress.
Stress Management QuizUse this tool to evaluate how well you manage stress in your life.
Stress TestAnswer this questionnaire to assess your possible health risks with regard to stressors in your life.
Stress ScreenerAssess your chances of having health problems due to stress with this stress screener.
Stress Effects QuizUse this questionnaire to find out if stress is having a negative impact on your health.
Stress QuizThis tool allows you to find out your stress level.
Stress Vulnerability QuizThis quiz gauges how vulnerable you are to stress.