Fertility Assessment Questionnaire

Check to see how fertile you are.

Fertility and Infertility QuizUse this tool to learn whether you could experience trouble getting pregnant in the future.
Does HE Have a Healthy Fertility Lifestyle?Take this quiz to find out whether your partner's lifestyle choices contribute to fertility.
Am I doing a good job at maximizing my fertility?Find out how you are performing fertility-wise and how you can improve your chances of getting pregnant with this quiz.
Fertility QuizThis tool allows you to find out if you are living a fertile-friendly lifestyle.
How Fertile Are You?Use this tool to evaluate how your lifestyle could be affecting your fertility.
Male Infertility QuizTake this quiz to determine how fertile you are.
Fertility Lifestyle InventoryTake this short quiz to find out if you are a following a lifestyle conducive to fertility.
Fertility Self-Assessment ToolUse this tool to learn whether you should seek advice about your fertility.
Infertility Self Assessment ToolThis tool allows you to compute your chances of experiencing infertility.
Fertility CalculatorThis calculator allows you to find out your most fertile period.