Urinary Tract Infection

ManufacturerDescriptionSpecimen UsedNeed to send sample to lab
AZOStrips detect if you have a urinary tract infection. Tests both Leukocytes (white blood cells) and Nitrites for greater reliability.UrineYes
VH EssentialsProvides preliminary test for the detection of bladder infections and urinary tract infections.UrineNo
Rapid ResponseStrips provide tests for glucose, bilirubin, ketone, specific gravity, blood, pH, protein, urobilinogen nitrite, and leukocytesUrineNo
Complete Natural ProductsThis product contains test strips for monitoring nitrites and leukocites that indicate a urinary tract infection. Yet the strips also test for pH levels, blood in the urine indicating kidney stones, glucose levels for diabetes, and ketone levels for liver, gallbladder and kidney health as well as 5 other tests. With this product, available from Complete Natural Products, you will be able to easily and accurately monitor your health, without visiting the doctor.UrineNo

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