Bowel Disorder Test

ManufacturerDescriptionSpecimen UsedNeed to send sample to lab
Life Line ScreeningFecal Immunochemical Test detects presence of blood in stoolStoolYes
Care DiagnosticStool tests indicate potential bowel disorders which can lead to blood being excreted.StoolNo
NovadetoxFecal Test detects presence of blood in stool and provides indications of disordersStoolNo
Exact Sciences Corp.Cologuard tests for blood in the stool plus detects DNA that could be a sign of cancer or precancerous growths called polyps.StoolYes
Measure bowel healthMeasure bowel health is a digital home test to detect bowel bleeding.
Invisible to the human eye, ‘occult’ or hidden Gastrointestinal bleeding can be an early symptom of various diseases including bowel cancer. Measure bowel health provides an early detection system by monitoring for microscopic bleeds in fecal samples. measure bowel health - Outsmart Bowel Cancer.
Mountainside Medical Equipment5 test pads per box, one positive control package. Traces of blood in the stool sample will create a positive resultStoolNo
Macmillan Cancer SupportSix cardboard strips, a test card and hygienic envelope to collect the samples.StoolYes
Check My BodyA sample is taken with a stick and inserted into a tube pre-filled with a buffer solution. A drop of this mixture is then placed on the test strip for evaluation.StoolYes
PINNACLE BIOLABSCollect a small sample of fecal matter from your tissue paper and in five minutes or less the result will show.
is considered the preferred screening method for Colorectal Cancer Detection by the American College of Gastroenterology.

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