Test Body Mass Index (BMI) at Home

ManufacturerDescriptionSpecimen UsedNeed to send sample to lab
Accu-Measure3 body fat management tools enable you to measure your Body Fat % in the privacy of your own home.NANo
Orbitape60 inch tape that fits all body shapes. Measures every body part.NANo
Complete MedicalProvides accurate measurement results in 7 seconds for both (Bioelectric Impedance Method) and BMI calculation (Body Mass Index)
OMRON HEALTHCARE INC.Easy To Read Large Digital Display for Weight Body Fat % and BMI. Enables 4 Personal Profiles with Previous Measurements Results.NANo
OMRON HEALTHCARE INC.Measures body fat, weight, and % with clinically proven accuracy in 7 seconds. Includes: athlete mode and memory for nine personal profiles. NANo
OMRON HEALTHCARE INC.Portable, handheld device for estimating body fat and provides BMI (Body Mass Index) calculation.

OMRON HEALTHCARE INC.Weight is calculated automatically along with Body Fat content and Body Mass Index in seconds.NANo
OMRON HEALTHCARE INC.Monitors for Body Fat, Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) in seconds. Provides critical information for a healthy lifestyle and effective weight loss program. NANo