Blood Sugar Test

ManufacturerDescriptionSpecimen UsedNeed to send sample to lab
WellDocSmartphone App for monitoring and managing diabetes.N/ANo
Infopia USAOffer a range of home tests including a line for blood glucose monitors.BloodNo
Flexsite Diagnostics Inc.Provides a report on how well a patient managed their diabetes over the last 90 daysBloodYes
Bristol-Myers Squibb CompanySingle-use, disposable device that allows diabetes patients to monitor response to treatment
Neuero Engineering Inc.Blood glucose monitor for diabetesBloodNo
TestMedica DiagnosticChecks for glucose in the urineUrineNo
MicrodotPortable blood sugar monitorBloodNo
Roche DiagnosticsHome blood sugar monitorBloodNo
Acon LaboratoriesBlood glucose monitoringBloodNo
AbbottProvides accurate results to determine if an adjustment needs to be made to insulin, other diabetic medications, diet and/or activity to achieve optimal diabetes self-management in consultation with a health care professionalBloodNo
BayerMonitors sugar concentrations in whole bloodBloodNo
LifeScan Inc.Automatically collects and organizes your blood sugar results into chartsBloodNo
Nipro DiagnosticsQuantitative system that for self-testing whole blood glucose concentrationsBloodNo
Abbott Diabetes Care, Inc.Helps you check your blood glucose levels and provide a range of features to meet your individual needsBloodNo
Diabetic Supply of SuncoastUsed only for testingglucose (sugar) and only with fresh capillary wholeblood samplesBloodNo
Prodigy Auto CodeBlood Glucose Meters is an important tool to assess diet, exercise and drug treatment in order to achieve the important goal of glucose control. Especially for the patients who are taking insulin or oral hypoglycemic, it is necessary to use Blood GlucoseBloodNo
Entra Health SystemsThe MyGlucoHealth meter from Entra Health Systems is the world?s first FDA Cleared integrated Bluetooth?-enabled blood glucose meter. With rapid testing results available in 3 seconds or less, smallest blood sample size (.3æL) and automatic coding of test strips, the MyGlucoHealth meter is the most technically advanced diabetic patient care product on the market todayBloodNo
More than a pretty faceArkray USA, the GLUCOCARD 01-mini contains the latest technology and delivers fast, highly accurate test results with only a tiny sample sizeBloodNo
HealthPia USAFDA approved all-in-one Glucometer plus cell phone. Can be programmed to send a text message to a guardian, caregiver or physician informing them of the patient's blood glucose reading and provide peace of mind to parents of juvenille diabetics
Nova BiomedicalMonitors blood glucose and ketones for people with diabetesBloodNo
U.S. DiagnosticsQuantitative measurements of glucose levels in whole bloodBloodNo
WavesenseBlood glucose monitor provides highly accurate results to help users better manage their diabetesBloodNo
SURESIGNSensitive enough to detect the very earliest Pre Diabetes Glucose levels of 100-110mg/dl. Does not give a quantitative reading of your Glucose levels, it will alert you to any abnormally high Glucose urine levels that might suggest Pre or Advanced Stage DiabetesUrineNo
Personal ScreeningTUrine test detects glucose (sugar) in urine with a simple positive or negative answerUrineNo