New Study Detailing the Market and Growth of the Home Test Sector

Between the growing economic pressures on hospitals, the rising cost of health insurance coverage, and the improved sensitivity of diagnostic technology, home testing has become an appealing option for patients who want better insight into their health. New research published by Venture Planning Group Market Research delves deeper into this growing research to provide analysis for suppliers, physicians, and patients.

For professionals involved in the home testing market, as well as patients interested in learning more about the accuracy, safety, and evolution of self testing, understanding different aspects of the field is critically important. This report provides growth strategies for the next five years by first providing a thorough analysis of regulatory, economic, demographic, technological and social trends. The researchers also looked at aspects of the health care system that are contributing to the growth of this field, including quality of care, defensive medicine, and quality control issues. The researchers then detail some of largest and fastest growing segments of the home test market, including glucose monitoring, pregnancy tests, and occult blood tests, as well as examining the technology and invasiveness of these tests. Finally, they detail market forecasts and sales forecasts for these areas of the home test industry and major manufacturers in it.


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For investors, patients, physicians and anyone else with an interest in this field, this study is an important and exciting report to read. For more information about this new publication or for purchasing details, please click here.


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