Online Concussion Test for Athletes

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A new test has been developed by the Critical Medicine Research Group in Canada. This online software helps to determine the timeline upon which an athlete can return to play after suffering a concussion.

Some functions of the brain that the test measures include thinking speed, spatial recognition, and memory. Test results are then used by doctors to determine whether an athlete can safely return to the playing field.
At present, the test, called ImPACT, is being used by professional soccer, hockey, baseball and football players. It takes about 25 minutes to complete the test and questions test neurological symptoms such as sadness, concentration levels, dizziness, irritability and drowsiness. Other sections of the test look at memory recall ability, mental agility, reaction speed and recognition skills.

The test is priced at $25 and results are only viewable by physicians who are trained in evaluating test scores.

To learn more about online concussion tests, you can visit this page containing a list of Home Concussion Test Kits.

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