Self Test with Home Medical Tests

Self tests come in different forms, ranging from urine, blood, and saliva tests to questionnaires, all helping you gain information on the status of your health. Below is a list of medical tests available for monitoring your health at home.

Home Medical Tests for Self Testing

Self tests provide you with the ability to monitor your health on regular basis. Those of you struggling with diabetes, high blood pressure, or cholesterol can now proactively work at monitoring your health on a daily basis.

Are Home Medical Tests Reliable?

Overall, FDA approved home medical tests have been manufactured to meet medical standards. For these approved self tests there is still a margin of error. For best results, it is strongly advised that you follow the instructions carefully.

Where can I Purchase a Medical Test Kit?

Most of these self-test kits are available over the counter at drugstores, pharmacies, supermarkets and department stores. You may also buy a variety of self-test products at a range of prices online. It is important to research the home medical test before you self test at home. Ask your pharmacist or physician for some advice on what to look for before making your decision.